Club Rules

SAER Club Rules, Revised November 2010

Note – The Month/ Year shown after the rule description is the month the rule was added or last changed. A line through the item number means that there was a rule, but it was removed.

  1. Member Responsibilities
    • 1.2   No firing of guns on MX weekend.  April 2004
    • 1.3   No riding at the track during deer-hunting season. April 2004
    • 1.4   Members eligible to vote on the Constitution Changes – Active (non-probationary) members who have dues paid for the current year   April 2004
    • 1.5   Any single item club expense over $100 needs to be approved in advance.  April 2004
    • 1.6   No live trees are to be cut down on club property unless part of a club voted-on project. April 2004
    • 1.7   The club bonfire pit should not be used as the club dump. The rule of thumb is that if it won’t burn away completely, it shouldn’t be there. Examples: Good – Brush, timbers, old wood, deceased pets. Bad –                      Appliances, hardware filled furniture, lawn mowers  May 2005
    • 1.8    Any member or guest riding at Grantsburg on non-race days must use a stock or quieter exhaust system February 2006
    • 1.9    Dues :  $50
    • 1.10  The combination lock on the gate at the Grantsburg facility will be changed every spring.  The new combination info will be given to club members as they pay their yearly dues.   Oct 2010
  2. Member Benefits
  • 2.1   A club member’s blood relatives or one non-member guest are allowed to ride on club property with the presence of the member.  A probationary member has no claim on club assets, no right to free race entries, can not use club land without a full member present, has no guest privileges, and is not eligible to be a club officer.  April 2004
  • 2.2  If someone does not get voted in at the end of their probationary period, they’re out of the club, and cannot use club facilities or have any club benefits. They can re-apply for membership, starting at the beginning as a prospective member. April 2004
  • 2.3   A club member is allowed only one free race entry per event, additional entries must be paid.   April 2004
  • 2.4
  • 2.5
  • 2.6 All new members are entitled to receive a free club jersey   April 2004
  • 2.7  Non-members that work on the Moose Run Enduro, Nemadji GIA trails or the Stone Lake Hare Scrambles, that earn D23 Worker Points (or put in the equivalent hours (3 work days)), become free probationary membership of SAER for the remainder of that calendar year.  Normal club dues would be due the following year.  Oct 2010
3.  Rules about the Rules
  • 3.1   Rule Document Structure:    April 2004
  • 3.1.1.  NOTE – Anywhere in this document that uses the term “Club Member” means a permanent (non-probationary) member of the club that is considered to be in good standing.
  • 3.1.2.  Definition – The Rules for the Straight Arrow Enduro Riders are a set of rules or procedures that apply to the club, but are not deemed significant enough to be added to the Constitution or By-Laws. The mechanisms for adding, changing, or removing rules is more flexible than the structures in place for the Constitution or By-Laws.
  • 3.13.  Display – The most current copy of the rules will be displayed on the web site or can be requested from the Secretary. The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the list. Each item in the list will consist of a description of the rule and the date that it was created or last modified.
  • 3.1.4. Initial Set of Rules – The Secretary, and anyone who would to help him, will go through the old issues of the SAER Newsletter to see what has been voted in as a rule during club meetings.
  • 3.1.5.  Adding a Rule – Rules can be added at club meetings. A Club Member makes a motion to add the rule and it will then be voted on by all Club Members present at the meeting. If the rule seems to contradict an existing rule, the member will need to propose a change to the existing rule, using the procedure described in the next section.
  • 3.1.6.  Changing or Removing a Rule – A rule can be changed one of two ways. The first is at club meetings. A Club Member can make a motion to change or remove a rule, but it must be at least one year since the rule was added or last changed. The other way is by getting a vote of 2/3 of all the Club Members.
  • 3.1.7.  Voting on Rules – At least 10 Club Members must be present for a motion regarding a rule to be put to a vote.


Procedures for changing Rules and posting notice of them:

1.  Member – move to change a rule at a club meeting.

2.  Club – Vote in favor of the rule change.

3.  Secretary – Draft the wording of the Rule (from meeting minutes).

4.  Secretary – share Draft with President and Member.

5.  President – get agreement with Member of wording that matches intent.

6.  President – send agreed-on wording to Secretary.

7.  Secretary – modify “official” copy of Rules document.

8.  Secretary – share final update of Rules document with President to ensure that all is well.

9.  Secretary – send update to Webmaster

10. Webmaster – post “official” copy on SAER website.