49th Duquette / Moose Run Enduro

National Enduro Start Control Rules


Event Dates:

Youth Enduro – August 18th 2018
Enduro – August 19th 2018


Afternoon – New Location for Youth Enduro Signup and Event (see Youth Enduro Page for details)
6 – 8pm – Enduro Signup, Duquette Town Hall


7 – 9am – Enduro Signup, Duquette Town Hall
7 – 9am – Sound Test
9am = Key time

Course Details:

~50 miles
“C” riders ride the whole course
Camping, Start and Trophy Presentation @ Jackie Berger Park in Duquette
Riders visit the same remote Gas Stop three times
Gas Trailers provided
Longest Leg  ~27 miles

Fees & Other Information:

Enduro Entry Fee – $40
Campground in Duquette (donations accepted at Duquette Store)
Non-oxygenated premium gas, groceries, hardware and food available in Duquette
FREE LUNCH for all Enduro participants – others can purchase lunch for a small fee

Other Requirements:

AMA Membership
AMA District Membership
Spark arrestor
94 dB Sound Test

AMA and District 23 membership registration available at Signup

AMA Membership – $49 individual, $29 youth, $20 one day (family memberships only available at AMA website)
D23 Membership – $50 @ Event Signup, $40 via ARMCA @ D23 website
D23 One Day – $10

The Moose Run Enduro is an AMA sanctioned, AMA District 23 points-paying event. You must be a member of both the AMA and a local AMA district (any district) to enter. All applicable rules and regulations apply. Signup forms will be available for the AMA and District 23 at registration.

Important Minor Information:

Minors participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present at all times.

Mini Rider

A Minor Release and Waiver form must be signed by BOTH parents and the participant and must be witnessed at registration.  Or, you may present a Notarized Minor Release and Waiver. If you bring a Notarized Minor Release and Waiver, it must have both pages printed in color, be filled out completely and be signed by both parents or guardians and the participant.

– or –

The accompanying parent or guardian may present a Minor Annual Release Verification Card. To obtain an annual release Card, download and print all application form pages in color. Both parents need to sign the application form and it must be notarized and submitted to the AMA. The AMA will then issue the minor a Card. It will require some time to process so it is best to plan ahead.