2023 Duquette Youth Enduro Info

Duquette / Moose Run Youth Enduro

Saturday, August 19th, 2023
Entry Fee, all riders:  $20
Sign Up from 12:30 – 1:30pm at the:

65/85/ Girls:

65/85/girls riders meeting at 1:30.  Race key time at 2pm.  Race will be a restart format just like Sundays race.  They will be given a scorecard to duct tape to their front fender.
65 riders will have two tests (a test is a timed or scored section) and one transfer section that is not timed or scored for a total of approximately 15 miles.  Racers may have a break between tests depending on their speed.
85 riders will run 65 course two times for a total of 4 tests and 30 miles.  85 riders will come back to the Straight Arrow Parking lot after 15 miles to refuel. Bring extra gas. Slower racers may be limited to 2 tests for safety and time constraints.
Girls will race 65 course unless all participants want to race the 85 course at the riders meeting.
The transfer section includes an ATV trail that will be closed off and have workers at all entrance points.  Observers or parents may reach the transfer section and beginning of second test by ATV or mountain bike.
All trails used during event will be closed to the general public.  Sweep riders will be riding course during the race for the safety of the racers.

50 Junior/Senior/Youth Beginner:

50 Junior, Senior and Youth Beginner class riders meeting at 1:30.  Race starts after 65/85/girls leave their first test.
1.5 mile course.  Racers will be scored on 4 individual laps.  Racers will start 1 minute apart and be timed.  Fastest combined time on 4 laps wins.  Racers are encouraged to take all 4 laps with minimal breaks.
50cc Racers may pre ride the course after registering until 1:30.  Racers may continue to ride course after all racers have completed their race until event closing. Parents will need to monitor their racers before and after racing.

Other Requirements:

AMA Membership
AMA District Membership (Any District)
No spark arrestor required.
No Sound Test

AMA and District 23 membership registration available at Signup, but we STRONGLY encourage you to sign up online in advance.

AMA Membership – $49 individual, $29 youth, $20 one day.  We encourage you to please sign up online in advance: AMA Join
D23 Membership – $50 @ Event Signup, $45 via ARMCA @ D23 website

The Moose Run Youth Enduro is an AMA sanctioned, AMA District 23 and AMA District 16 points-paying event. You must be a member of both the AMA and an AMA district (any district) to enter.  All applicable rules and regulations apply. Signup forms will be available for the AMA, D23 and D16 at registration.

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