About Us


The Straight Arrow Enduro Riders (SAER) Motorcycle Club is a non-profit organization chartered by the American Motorcycle Association and ARMCA, the AMA’s District 23. We promote and support off road motorcycle Racing and recreational Trail Riding.

Our 1.5 mile long private motocross track is located near Grantsburg WI, on HWY 70 between the Wisconsin border and the City of Grantsburg. SAER normally holds 2 to 4 MXs per year. The Grantsburg facility also features 5 miles of single track trail for use by club members

SAER runs the Duquette / Moose Run Enduro, which starts in the town of Duquette MN, about 30 miles south of Duluth on MN Highway 23. This Enduro is a long course through the woods featuring trails that vary from fast two-tracks to tight single track, with an overall distance of 60 – 75 miles.

In 2009 we held our first hare scrambles at the Summit Lake Game Farm, the Stone Lake Hare Scrambles. It included a first class MX track, fast two-track and fun single track. That first event was well received and attendance increased in both 2010 and 2011.  For 2015 & 2016 we are moved our Hare Scrambles to the Arkansaw Cycle Park just south of Arkansaw, WI.  From 2017 to present we have been hosting the hare scrambles at Meadow Valley Motocross in Millville, MN.

The Straight Arrows also build, maintain and sign approximately 45 miles of public trails in the Nemadji State Forest, approximately 27 miles of which are single track trails for motorcycles only. An additional 5 miles of public OHM trail was added in Douglas County, WI in 2010. This is SAER’s ongoing effort to sponsor a public riding area within a reasonable driving distance from the Twin Cities. This is a joint effort between the MN DNR, the Douglas County Forestry office, the Washington/Ramsey County Wheelers (WRCW) ATV Club and SAER. WRCW and SAER receive Grant-in-Aid funding from the DNR for their efforts.

One of the benefits of joining the Straight Arrows Enduro Riders is that you can practice at our Grantsburg facility on the track and trails at any time. The Grantsburg facility is not available for practice for non-members other than on officially scheduled practice days advertised to the public.

SAER normally meets the last Wednesday of each month (with occasional exceptions) @ 7:00pm. Send an email to the Club Officers to find out the date, time and place of our next Club Meeting.