Becoming a Member

Becoming a member of the Straight Arrow Enduro Riders (SAER) club is pretty simple but, if you want all the gory details, check out the Club Rules and By-Laws.

There are only two steps to becoming a member. First, you must be voted in as a probationary member.  Then, after one year, your full membership will be voted on. All members have the opportunity to: Pay club dues, work club events and use the club track and trails.

OK, but how do I actually go about it?

The Easy Way
Working The Front Gate
Working the front gate at Grantsburg
  1. Attend 3 club meetings, so we can get to know you.
  2. At your 3rd meeting we can vote on your probationary membership.
The Fun Way
  1. Earn D23 worker points by working at a SAER event or work the equivalent number of hours with us on Grant In Aid trail work.
  2. Attend a meeting so we can vote on your probationary membership.
OK, I’m a probationary member. Now what?
  1. Continue attending meetings and working club events.
  2. After one year as a probationary member we can vote on your full membership.

What does it mean to be a SAER member?

Nemadji Bridge Work
Building a bridge

The Straight Arrow Enduro Riders are all about two things: riding our dirt bikes and giving back to the dirt biking and off road community in general. We do this by sponsoring off road races and our Grant In Aid work.

Ever been to a race or trail riding and wondered what it takes to make it all happen? Well that’s where we, and other clubs like us, come in. We do the ground work to keep the trails clear and the races running. If that sounds interesting to you then we’d love to see you at our next meeting or better yet at our next work party.

Sounds fun, how do I get started?

Easy, just shoot an email to our Club Officers and let them know you’re interested. We’ll get you information on when and where our next meeting and events are.