ARMCA – District 23

District 23 Logo

ARMCA (Amateur Riders Motorcycle Association) is the organizing body that sanctions and supports amateur motorcycle racing in Minnesota.  ARMCA operates under the umbrella of the American Motorcycle Association (AMA).   “District 23” is the designation for Minnesota used by the AMA to identify events.

ARMCA was founded in 1969, and incorporated as a chartered organization with the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) in 1974. District 23 club membership is comprised of approximately 23 road and off-road clubs that hold AMA sanctioned competition ev ents.

The primary purpose of ARMCA is to administer and support amateur motorcycle competition in Minnesota. These activities include: providing and administering a numbering system and an awards system for competition riders; providing and administering a participation and advancement system for riders; coordinating the calendar of AM A sanctioned events held within District 23 boundaries; acting as the second level of adjudication of amateur competition protests in District 23; and other activities in support of amateur competition.

While the main focus is competition, ARMCA is also committed to advancing and promoting dirt bike riding opportunities of all types in Minnesota. ARMCA was instrumental in passing Minnesota’s Off-Highway Motorcycle (OHM) registration and funding bills in 1993 and 1994. ARMCA is the only statewide organization recognized by the DNR as the voice of dirt bike riders in Minnesota.

ARMCA has recently created a Trail Rider division, to encourage non-competition rider membership. While most of the ARMCA clubs are competition oriented, non-competition clubs are needed and welcome. ARMCA recognizes that public trails are crucial to the long-term future of dirt bike riding, and that rider involvement through organized clubs is essential to development of public trails.

We encourage those non-members of ARMCA to contact one of the District officers or class representative to find out how to become a member.