Duquette Enduro

We’ve been working like dogs on the Moose Run Enduro but, mother nature struck back every time. The Nemadji had a devastating windstorm early in July and an even more devastating rainstorm on Aug 1st. This was on top of totally saturated ground from a summer of consistent rains.

The main reason for the postponement is that 6 inch rainfall on August 1st that washed out culverts on both Forest Roads and the Bearhunter Trail, routes that we use to get to the Gas Stop and Checks. Meanwhile, the DNR has their hands full in the St Croix State Park/Forest dealing with the wind damage there, and they have informed me that they won’t get to the Nemadji repairs in time for our event. The trails in the Nemadji are very wet and saturated as well, time is needed for a least some runoff and drying.

A few of us have been discussing what to do and we have decided to postpone the event until Sunday, October 9th (MINI on October 8th). This was the only open date left in the D23 calendar of events (Hare Scrambles and Trail Rides) that was practical.

So it’s deja vu all over again from last year. Hopefully, it won’t play out like last year and we’ll get to run the darn thing in October.

Sorry if this messed up your fall event planning.

By the way, the Nemadji is CLOSED to riding at the time of this Post.

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