July 20-21, 2013

WOW!  All 4 Enduro Section Leaders and I were up this weekend checking Sections, getting some work done and getting some riding in.  It was a GREAT weekend for riding.  The trails are mostly dry and getting drier.  I hung with Dave Andersen on Saturday and there was plenty of windfall/deadfall to be cleared in his Section.  My WR250F with the chainsaw bracket works better than I expected.  We even worked on several miles of non-Enduro singletrack and combined Dirtbike/ATV trail and noted some blown-out spots in the Hinkle Creek Trail.

On Sunday I worked in Douglas County.  The sheriff up there noted dirbike tracks on the Foxboro/Chaffee Road and the trails on the east side of it.  We countered that putting up some additional “no dirtbikes” signs in some prominent locations.  Folks who read this need to know that dirtbikes are NOT ALLOWED on any roads in Wisconsin (or the dirt and paved County Roads in MN).  They are only allowed on the Forest Roads in the Nemadji (Harlis Rd, Net Lake Rd, etc…).  That said, dirtbikes with license plates are allowed on all roads.  Kent Goble and I did send replies back to the sheriff noting that it is most likely that those tracks were made by street legal dirtbikes.  We even sent photos of KTM EXCs to emphasize the point.

I spent most of the day refreshing signs that some moron with an ATV drove over.  I didn’t have an ATV for hauling so I did it all on foot, which was interesting to say the least.  It was a  great day for a walk in the woods with a post pounder in one hand and signposts in the other.  I did a little brushing along the way too with my trusty Silky Zubat handsaw.

I drove home on the Wisconsin side.  It may interest some people to know that the Bar in Patzau, WI (on the Gandy Dancer) is open again.  It was rebuilt from the ground up and is pretty nice inside.