July 27, 2014

The mowing has begun!   The previous weekend I rode the clearcut in the Harlis Bypass and could barely see the trail.  This weekend I mowed from the west end of the Harlis Bypass through the clearcut and back.  The clutch cable on the DR Brushcutter broke about 1/2 mile in.  Had to fetch it with the ATV and Trailer and pull it back out to the truck.  Modified what was left of the cable, added a few cable ties and viola!, back in business.   I carried extra gas that it turned out I didn’t need.  The newer, single cylinder 14.5hp brushcutter gets better “mileage” than the older, V-twin 17hp one did.  I’m also learning to love the locking differential on the new one.  It really makes some situations much easier than before, especially the sidehill stuff.

I also cleared the tall grass from the newly opened trail on the west end of the Congo.  I’m hoping that, now that it is open to the public, that it will get enough traffic in the future to keep itself more open.

Jamie was off mowing the “Enduro Only” trail with his brand new, 20hp DR brushcutter.  He got more done than I did!  Rob Hammerlund was out there too, clearing the deadfall out of the way so that Jamie could make his run through.  Rob had his chainsaw in his backpack and his Silky Saw on his calf……everything you need to clear just about any trail.