June 13, 2015

Reports from the Section Leader of the Corduroy segment pointed to some real problems with a couple of the soft spot crossings.  It turned out that beavers built a dam somewhere out there on Westholm Creek, which backed up water onto and across the Corduroy Trail.  Also, one of the historic, long swamp crossings finally gotten out-of-control bad (deep ruts, no fill left, tons of exposed roots, etc…).

This weekend we brought in some boardwalks and made a little bridge thingy to allow the backed up river to cross the trail.  Mike Hillestad, Dave Anderson and I dragged ’em in, set ’em down and made a little support in the middle to allow water to flow under.  It was pretty easy as the problem was right next to the access trail.

We then went and looked at the problem swamp crossing, which was close by.  It was torn up pretty badly and was on its way to getting worse.  We got out the 100ft tape and decided that ~90ft of boardwalk would do the trick.  That’s at least eleven 8ft long boardwalks to build.  Better get on it.