Nemadji – 6-8-2013

Harlis Bypass – Little Net bridge was shifted AGAIN, although this time it was only about 8 inches.  Shifted it back myself.  Finalized a new approach route on the west side which will require a 12′ bridge.  Eventually there will be 4 bridges at this crossing.  Took all the measurements needed to plan the raising of the main river bridge onto pedestals and the ramps on either end.  It’ll be a challenge to lift the 30′ bridge to get the pedestals under it.  Also plan on putting in 17′ of boardwalk at “Roys little beaver dam bridge” which has collapsed a bit and the water has found an alternate route around.

Wilderness Trail – the northernmost bridge and boardwalk are under water due to a new beaver dam downstream.  The DNR asked if it was possible to reroute the trail.  There is a reroute possibility that will move the bridge upstream about 40 yards.  I’ll see how the DNR reacts to this when we talk this upcoming week.

North Loop – the good news is that the DNR has dug out and installed a second culvert and added some new rock bed at the washout from this spring (close to the WI border), increasing the volume that this crossing can handle and hopefully fixing it for good.  It was washing out and getting fixed pretty much every year for the last few years.  I spent some time on the segment just east of the State Line Creek bridge to see how bad the rutting was past the rock garden.  It wasn’t as bad as expected.  I cut some more saplings out of the edges such that riders can more easily skirt the ruts.

It’s VERY WET – after 4 hours of work and checking things out I decided that play riding in the wet was a bad idea.  Saw several trucks/trailers with bikes just showing up as I was leaving and wished that they knew enough to stay home when it is this WET because it reeks havoc on the trails.

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