The History of SAER: The Straight Arrows Enduro Riders go MX!

In 1980 Dick Queener, from Grantsburg, WI, sells 40 acres of land he owns with an existing MX track to the Straight Arrow Enduro Riders. The group was familiar with it from putting on an enduro in the area.

In 1982 Charlie Forrest, SAER member, pays off the Contract for Deed, for an interest in the Grantsburg property. Dick Queener then sells the club the adjoining north end 35 acres of the track property. By 1988, the Straight Arrows pay off Dick Queener, and Charlie Forrest then sells the south 30 acres back to the club.

Purchase of the track and associated woods gives the club a place to ride, a fairly constant revenue, and brings in new, more MX involved members. The club continues to put on an enduro in the Grantsburg area, starting at the track and running through the woods to the south. Increasing population and pressure from Burnett County eventually closes these trails to open riding, and the club looks for enduro opportunities in the Brainerd area.

By 1989 the club was running about 4 MXs a year at the Grantsburg track, as well as a hare scrambles at Riverton (near Brainerd) and an enduro at Brainerd (between Brainerd and Riverton). These typically started behind the Brainerd Airport. Notable members at this time were George Sartain, Steve Reschke, Bob Younglove, Leon Parker, Ken King, Jim Andrews, Tim Kight, Mike Carlson, Mike Nothom, and Roy Fleming. Al Roscoe’s first meeting as a prospect was December 1989.

Club concerns were about members not paying their dues (Quote from Treasurer George Sartain “Pay your Fucking Dues!”), and not signing the liability releases. There were complaints that we needed every club member to work the MXs. We wondered about the best ways to kill the sand burrs that infest the track.