The History of SAER: The Twenty Tens

This decade saw a drop in the number of motocross events put on by the club. Too many race weekends was taking a toll on the membership, race entries declined after the 2008 recession, increased competition (3 races on a weekend!) from other promoters led the club to play to its strength, running MXs at the beginning of April when no one else in Minnesota could.

In 2010 there was one MX at GB, (on 4/11), a very successful Stone Lake Hare Scrambles, and the Duquette Enduro was canceled due to massive rains and road closures in the Nemadji.

Likewise in 2011 the 4/3 MX at GB was canceled, the Stone Lake Hare Scrambles was great, and the Duquette Enduro was postponed to 10/9 due to more massive rains. However, the beautiful October weather gave the club another Enduro of the Year!

Trail work continued on the Nemadji OHM trail system, under the guidance of Ken Fastner. Ken developed and put up an 911 emergency system (more than 100 signs with grid coordinates) for every intersection on the trails! He began working with Douglas Co, WI, to make WI trails connected to the Nemadji official OHM trails. As the need increases, funding from the GIA program is beneficial to the club.

2013 saw the start of MotoTally transponder scoring for hare scrambles. Shane Watts holds his Dirtwise school at Grantsburg! He loved the track and the training experience was awesome!

2014 was the last year at Stone Lake due to land use issues with new management.

It was 40 Years of MXs at Grantsburg! And the 45th Moose Run Enduro in the Nemadji!

In 2015 the club again adds quad races to the MXs, which increases attendance. A hare scrambles is held at Arkansaw Cycle Park. The MX, HS, and Enduro are all successful.

For 2016 we have 2 MXs at GB and the Duquette Enduro. A large blowdown (tornado?) in the Nemadji, but hard working club members open the trails before the Enduro. There is a Halloween party and ride day at the track.

In 2017 the club puts on the first Meadow Valley Hare Scramble with Trail Boss Todd Loftstrom! The Moose Run Enduro at Duquette is now sanctioned in Districts 23 (MN), District 16 (WI), and District 22 (IA).

The only 2018 MX at GB is canceled due to too much snow, but the Meadow Valley Hare Scrambles and Duquette Enduro turn out well. The Straight Arrow YouTube channel is started by Todd Lofstrom, linking to member videos

The only 2019 MX at GB was canceled again due to too much snow. The Meadow Valley Hare Scrambles is run as part of the BBX series offering more competition and a big purse. It’s the 50th Moose Run Enduro held in the Nemadji State Forest! T-shirts, hats, and stickers are made to celebrate.

The club started using Webex allowing outstate members to attend club meetings online. Notable club members include Bob Chase, Mark Krey, Roy Fleming, Greg Nelson, Jessica Noaeill, Tim Kight, Ken Fastner, Mike Pohl, John Otto, Doug Peck, Ben Horgen, Kevin Anderson, Chris Palmer, Nate Siebenaler, John Steider, Bob Zewers, Mike Murphy, Todd Lofstrom, and Chad Tupper.