June 22, 2014

The OHM Trails were closed this week per our suggestion to the DNR.  I was up doing trail maintenance yesterday on the bike.  I did my best to pussyfoot around the ruts but, there were a few spots where the water and ruts were overwhelming.  I rode and cleared the Iron Pipe and Iron Gate trails.  The cowcatcher bridge got a bit too short during the spring flood and needs to be extended about 6 feet.    The east end of the trail has a long muddy rut that has been mitigated in the past but needs a bunch more corduroy or something to make it long enough to get through without rutting out.

Today is the day I start working on the 50ft ramp that will get riders up the hill from the Little Net River crossing in the Harlis Bypass.  It’ll be another ramp with a snowmobile track(s) center that will allow riders to climb the old hill there.

There are many other places that need some help.  The thing that will help the most is 3 or more weeks of dry, hot weather.