June 28, 2014

Rob H and I spent a long day in the Nemadji today.  We installed a ramp made of junk snowmobile tracks on the west approach to the Little Net River bridge in the Harlis Bypass.   That uphill was getting badly rutted and it could only have gotten worse.  Now it should be good forever.

We also opened up some more of what was “Enduro Only” trail, this time on the east side of Bearhunter Creek.  Now there is new trail on both sides of that creek.  It always feels good to open up some new stuff.  Looks for sign change when you are riding down the Bearhunter Trail or are riding the Harlis Bypass or Congo.

Down off of the Northeast Extension, just east of the parking lot @ 486-391, some unsavory rider(s) had taken down a “No Motorized Vehicles” sign and opened up an old obsoleted trail segment.  I installed a new sign and dropped some trees over the obsoleted trail.  Although we have been getting great compliance on almost all of the signage out there, there is still going to be few goofballs that think that they can go where they please.  I noticed some new blue paint on the trees along that trail so I suspect that loggers will be in there sometime this winter.   You never know, though, as sometimes an area in the woods goes up for auction but no one bids on it. We’ll just have to see.