Nemadji Update Janruary 2013

I spent another day wandering around the woods of Douglas
County on Sunday, 1-13.  Luckily, the snow cover was even less deep
then it had been on previous trips, although the air was a tad colder
(approx 10 degree F).  This was trip #4.  Kent Goble and Nanette
Chenery helped out on a couple of the earlier trips.

We have completed most of the scouting and have sent this trail
alignment proposal to Douglas County.  It is GPS’d and flagged with
Pink Tape.  It’s 3.7 miles long, which if implemented, will
practically double our singletrack mileage in WI (right now it’s 4 of
singletrack, 1 of combined ATV/bike).  We did our best to make things
sustainable and interesting for the users.  The two road crossings
were placed such that a rider can look both directions and see the a
long ways down the road.

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